Bachelor Work Motion Sicknes VR

Category : Bachelor Work / Study
Completion : August 2017
Role : Author

In this work entitled ”The visibility of an artificial nasal bridge prevents motion sickness in virtual reality “ is trying to investigate a theory that exists very early since the advent of the VR glasses. This theory states the thesis ”the visibility of an artificial nasal bridge prevents Motion Sickness in Virtual Reality“ describes that the fading of a nasal bridge into the field of vision of the persons can lead to the prevention of motion sickness. For this purpose, the basics are first taught in the following work and then an experiment is carried out. In the experiment, a total of 40 subjects are tested, each divided into different groups. A group of nasal bridges in the field of vision and another group without the nasal bridge. Both groups test the same VR application. The results of the experiment are intended to demonstrate the thesis. In the evaluation of the experiment, it became clear that the thesis could not be proved. However, it can be assumed that the insertion of the nasal bridge leads to a small improvement.